Edgar Rowdey Cape Cod Mysteries

Is the picturesque seaside town of Quansett a sanctuary or a death trap? In this lively whodunit series for fans of traditional British puzzle mysteries, it takes a village to catch a killer — led by an ex Fix-It Chick, a Wampanoag pastry chef, and the brilliant reclusive artist-author Edgar Rowdey.

Croaked: an Edgar Rowdey Cape Cod Mystery (#1)

“A real page-turner with many moving pieces, wonderfully fey characters, and delightful surprises throughout. Great Cape Cod color, terrific fun, and a must for anyone who loves to curl up with a good mystery.” — CC, Goodreads

Fleeing from Cambridge, Lydia Vivaldi’s sure her luck has turned — until she learns her one Cape Cod friend is dead. How could a skilled carpenter fall off a ladder at a film shoot? When Lydia lands a soup-chef job at Leo’s Back End, she’s stonewalled by the flirtatious filmmaker and resented by the police. Only Edgar Rowdey, reclusive artist-author of creepy little books, shares Lydia’s doubts about the “accident.” Can this unlikely pair of sleuths — plus a retired football star, a hippie bookstore clerk, a Wampanoag dessert chef, and a pair of Broadway-musical writers — find out what really happened before it happens again?

Publisher: Boom-Books
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E-book $4.99
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Zapped: an Edgar Rowdey Cape Cod Mystery (#2)
 “I’ve read two other books by the author and loved them – although “Zapped” may be my favorite. Verburg is a must for fans of the “smart cozy” and has a wonderful cast of characters I hope to meet again soon.” — SJM, Amazon

A posh Cape Cod waterfront party. To inventor Pam Nash, it’s the perfect VIP launch for Zappa, her new “Taser for pacifists.” To her daughter Ashley, it’s the perfect celebration for her 21st birthday. To ex-Fix-It Chick Lydia Vivaldi and Wampanoag dessert chef Mudge Miles, it’s a catering job they can’t refuse. But when they learn Ashley’s trying to lose a cell-phone stalker, and a sailboat disappears, and Lydia finds a dead reveler floating by the dock, it’s time for artist Edgar Rowdey to switch from reclusive genius to sleuth.

Publisher: Boom-Books
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Shafted, or The Toastrack Enigma: an Edgar Rowdey Cape Cod Mystery (#3)

400 years after the “First Thanksgiving,” a lunch for leaders of GreenHome LLC and the Wampanoag tribe ends in murder.

Stopping at a yard sale on the way to lunch at Leo’s Back End, Harriet Benbow beats out two friends to buy an Art Deco toastrack. The next morning she’s found dead. Payback? A burglary gone wrong? A violent protest against her plan to build luxury condos on an indigenous burial ground? Detective Pete Altman wonders: Why did the killer cut up her scalp? Back End soup-chef Lydia Vivaldi and Wampanoag pastry chef Mudge Miles wonder: Is somebody trying to frame the Indians? Reclusive genius Edgar Rowdey, who’d rather be plotting his own mystery for Golden Age magazine, wonders: Where does the toastrack fit in?

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